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the very fact that the philippine government is actually passing an anti-selfie bill is just fucked-up in and of itself

and god i wish i was kidding about this

what the fuck

their selfie game is soooo weak that they’re using the power of the government to shut the competition down smfh

Thanks Tumblr for once again taking things out of context

"According to Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, there’s a bill in Congress that seeks to bar taking photos of people without their permission."

Like that’s the second sentence.

I know the article is obviously click-bait title but c’mon.

Also, if you wanted to get mad about the bill, why not get mad about how this bill might affect things like citizen journalism?

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Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 




Sometimes I wonder how big my dick would be if I were a guy

so, here’s something. i found a calculator online to help you figure that out

my penis would have been tiny omg

I wish they had links to the research behind the questions they asked.





gamer nerds are so dramatic

I strongly encourage everyone to check out the tweet and marvel at nerds’ anguished realization that their heroes do not all share their insular mutated worldview

a) yes, so dramatic, jesus

b) So happy to see Tim Schafer jumping aboard the femfreq train because Double Fine is one of my all-time favourite games studios. 

I really don’t understand how people can watch a montage of women being stripped, beaten, raped and murdered - often by the player… FOR POINTS - from really recently, wildly popular games and think ‘No, it’s all fine. There is no problem here.’ Especially where there is literally no equivalent. There is no game, let alone a string of games, staring a complex woman with an actual personality or character arc which objectifies and brutalises men for hyuks. The men killed in the games provided don’t scream or beg for their lives. The women all gasp, scream, beg, and MOAN in death. And then their dead, scantily/not clad bodies lie in the street, legs sprawled and tits up while the men die hunched. 

And the completely rational reaction to prove how wrong the woman pointing this out is is to threaten to rape and murder her and stalk her family. 

Good job. 

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gummy-buns said: The conjuring! It’s a good movie, based on Lorraine and Ed Warren who are real life supernatural consultants

Ahh I love the Conjuring! I didn’t realize it was based on real people though, that’s super awesome. I actually quite like the director, James Wan- he directed Dead Silence (2007) which is one of my favourite horror movies. More horror movies should have scenes that take place in theatres.


It means that it’s almost time for skeletons and pumpkins and my 31 Movies in 31 Days month-long marathon!

If you followed me last year, you would know that last October I decided to try to watch one new (to me) horror movie every day for the entire month of October. I watched a bunch of movies I’ve been meaning to watch for ages like Pan’s Labyrinth, classic horror movies I never watched like Carrie and like… all of the Scary Movie series. I know they’re really more horror-themed comedy, but I counted them anyway. Now I never have to watch them again.

ANYWAY, in preparation for 31 Movies 31 Days (which by the way, is the tag you can blacklist if you’re not interested in my horror movie documenting), I’m making a list of movies I’m planning on watching.

Feel free to suggest films for me! I like horror comedies, good documentary-style horror movies and comparing foreign horror films and their remakes. They don’t have to necessarily be scary, or even good- Thir13en Ghosts (2001) is on my list because I’ve been told the set design is amazing. I don’t need to be scared by every horror movie (though that would be nice), I just want to have fun. Here’s the planned movies so far:

1.) Honeymoon (2014)

2.) Dead Snow/ Død Snø (2009)

3.) Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead/ Død Snø 2 (2014)

4.) The Strangers (2008)

I don’t really know if I’m going to watch this because home invasion movies are possibly my ultimate fear. I said before I’d never watch it, but I’ll try again this year.

5.) The Devil’s Backbone/ El espinazo del diablo (2001)

6.) 13: Game of Death/ 13 game sayawng (2006)

7.) 13 Sins (2014)

I remember hearing about the original film last year and being unable to watch it because I couldn’t find a good place to stream it. 13 Sins is the American remake. I’ve heard it’s good! I am willing to be surprised.

8.) I Saw the Devil/ Akmareul boatda (2010)

This film could also go under the genre of ‘revenge film’ I guess, which is perfectly fine with me. I love revenge flicks. It also happens to be directed by Kim Jee-won who directed my absolute favourite horror movie, A Tale of Two Sisters/ Janghwa, Hongryeon (2003) as well as The Good, the Bad and the Weird/ Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom (2008), an amazing Korean western.

9.) Session 9 (2001)

10.) Thir13en Ghosts (2001)

We’ll see which ones actually make the cut in October.



white australians have this thing where they seem to think that the dehumanization of aboriginal people was a hundred or so years ago
like no
up until 1967, aboriginal people were legally classed as fauna
they weren’t considered people at all 47 yrs ago
that’s not long ago at all

fun fact you used to be able to hunt them :T

So Monday I met a woman who told me she was a part of the Stolen Generation.

This shit isn’t hundreds of years in the past! It isn’t even a hundred years in the past!

Australians like to talk a lot of shit about how racist and terrible America is, but we refuse to look at our own shit.




“Repeat Rape: How do they get away with it?”, Part 1 of 2. (link to Part 2)


  1. College Men: Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists,Lisak and Miller, 2002 [PDF, 12 pages]
  2. Navy Men: Lisak and Miller’s results were essentially duplicated in an even larger study (2,925 men): Reports of Rape Reperpetration by Newly Enlisted Male Navy Personnel, McWhorter, 2009 [PDF, 16 pages]

By dark-side-of-the-room, who writes:

These infogifs are provided RIGHTS-FREE for noncommercial purposes. Repost them anywhere. In fact, repost them EVERYWHERE. No need to credit. Link to the L&M study if possible.

Knowledge is a seed; sow it.

Reblogging because I mentioned this study in a post the other day and someone reblogged & replied insinuating that I’d made it up, but I didn’t have the citation on hand right then. As I said then: rape culture is what teaches rapists that they aren’t rapists.

^ bolded for emphasis


Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Because some of y’all missed it and/or need ya blessins one mo time

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