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[TW: Rape] The Not Rape epidemic

Not rape came in other many other forms as well. No one escaped – all my friends had some kind of experience with it during their teen years.

Not rape was being pressured into losing your virginity in a swimming pool pump room to keep your…

~Seriously intense trigger warning on this~, but yeah, if you can deal with that, this is a really amazing peice of writing.

^^^ Seconding the above.

If you can handle the trigger warning, you really ought to read this.

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    Read the comments as well.
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    Rape culture in our society physically disgusts me. The fact that I, like the author of this piece, have heard so many...
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    Please read this, and the comments that follow. //www.racialicious.com/2008/12/21/original-essay-the-not-rape-epidemic/...
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