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On Saturday night my friend Oscar, a trans man, was brutally assaulted by three security guards for using the men’s bathroom. He explained to them that he identified as male at which point they asked for his ID. They told him that unless his ID specified he was male he was not allowed to use the men’s room. They then asked if he wanted to be “treated like a man”. When he said yes, they threw him to the ground. He is 50kg and 170cm tall, but apparently it was necessary for three guards to restrain him. They punched him in the face, kneed him in the throat and stood on his legs. His face and eye are bruised and swollen and there are cuts and bruises all down his legs. 

This club is supposed to be accepting of all LGBT people and such a blatantly transphobic act is shocking and completely unacceptable. Please share this around, I would hate for someone to suffer the same treatment because they think they are entering a safe space. 




so if a bisexual dates someone of another gender, they’re really straight and looking for attention

and if a bisexual dates someone of the same gender, they’re really gay and calling themself bi out of internalized homophobia

and if a bisexual is polyamorous, they’re the reason bisexuals “can’t be trusted”

and single bisexuals are predatory liars

what the fuck are we supposed to do

dance fiercely to Queen songs and tell everyone who says bisexuality isn’t real to go fuck themselves




Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act: ‘Null and Void’

In a victory activists were unsure they’d get, Uganda’s Constitutional Court overturned the country’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act today, declaring the anti-LGBT law “null and void” because of a parliamentary technicality in how it was passed.  

The court determined that when members of Parliament passed the law in December 2013, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had not established quorum — a required minimum number of members present to vote — effectively invalidating the law. 


And fantastic news for the LGBTQI community worldwide too



Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of a different sex: I'm not straight, I'm bisexual
Gay community: you're only saying that because you want to be a part of the Gay Club, you don't belong with us, you're basically just a straight person anyway
Bisexual person in a relationship with someone of the same sex: I'm not gay I'm bisexual
Gay community: why do you feel the need to clarify that? You just want to be one of the straight people, you just want to reassure them that you're Not That Gay, you don't belong with us


Things you shouldn’t use to describe trans people because they other us or make us sound like we aren’t people and are really rude and offensive:

  • "the trans"
  • "a trans"
  • "transes"
  • "transgenders"
  • "transgendereds"
  • "not-cis"
  • "abnormal"

Things you should call trans people:

  • trans people
  • people who are trans
  • the trans community
  • transgender people
  • supreme overlords

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Here it is, a brand new StoryCorps short in honor of Pride Month!

TRANS LIFE SIMULATOR || s3.amazonaws.com






This is a simple text based game where you play as a young trans person trying to buy some underwear. I made it with the intention of showing cis people what it’s like to be trans. You can play as a trans girl, trans boy, or a nonbinary person. It’s short, so you can play it multiple times for different paths. There are several paths, some better, some worse; if you’re easily triggered by dysphoria or transphobia, you may want to avoid this game. Some paths are safer than others, depending on how well you pass (surprise, surprise). TW for homophobic/transphobic slurs, transphobia/transmisogyny, slurs, misgendering, and possible violence.

I did this just to see how relatable it was, and holy shit it was like someone put me back in the spots i was in only a year ago.  My heart is racing shit. 

ow… my everything hurts…

Hey all my cis followers: this is instructive. Go play it.

This frustrated me to no end. It’s no where near as bad as actually living it, but I finally have a semblance of understanding the frustration. Christ.



Hey its a show about trans women played by a trans woman 

As well as a Kickstarter fund to get this on television, with broadcasting in both Canada and possibly the United States! It’s also produced by a queer trans independent filmmaker, Amy Fox, and has only 52 days left to raise $50,000 CAD.

Those who can support through reblogs and/or donations, please go ahead! The link above is a clickthrough straight to the Kickstarter. Backers get cool prizes like copies of the screenplay, 8 x 11” prints of the lead actress Julie Vu from her photo shoots, download links the the ENTIRE first season, and more.

They’ve got 39 days and and about 33K to go! Let’s do it!


I’m here! I’m queer! And I’m kinda disappointed with mainstream LGBT groups for their dismissal, erasure and misrepresentation of parts of their community!


People who say bi erasure doesn’t happen need to realize Freddie Mercury is known as the most famous homosexual man when he identified himself as bisexual. If that’s not bi erasure I don’t even know.